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I purchased Miss Italia Bedroom set about 8 months ago from "Dom Mebeli" in Brooklyn, NY ( this is the ESF store ). Since then I've been having problems such as damaged pieces and shortage of cabinet for the Wardrobe.

I have contacted the store and ESF directly, but they are a bunch of liars and unprofessionals. They are rude and dont care for customers.

Finally I contacted the manufacturer in italy ( Camel Group ) and was able to get at least the cabinet for the wordrobe.

Damages were never fixed and no one wants to be responsible for it.

Never buy furniture from these folks.

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Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States #596214

Actually, this is problem of the most furniture retailers that sell furniture. Especially online.

Manufacturers don't deliver in most cases, sellers do delivery (or hire third parties, including fedex/ups). ESF makes very good and inexpensive furniture. Just buy it from responsible sellers that deliver AND ASSEMBLE furniture (so-called white glove delivery). This way sellers do their best to make you happy.

Even if they will break something during delivery/assembly - they will fix it very fast at their own cost. Just avoid sellers that sell furniture without delivery/assembly.



Be aware that anything you buy from ESF products will most probably arrive damaged or defective.

The worst is that ESF will never take any responsibility for their own products.

You will need to pay out of your pocket to fix it.

This is how you do business in RUSSIA not in the US.

Maybe when the state of NY will start taking some action against ESF, "MISHA" the owner will understand that in the US, customer service is still something that you need to deal with.

Arapahoe, North Carolina, United States #223277

Dear Dom Mebeli,

How dare you say that you spent numerous hours with me. You did spend some time when you wanted to get my business, after I paid you in full, you stopped being nice and became very rude. You disrespected me several times in the store and on the phone.

The worst customer service ever.

It is true that credit card denied my request for refund but only because I already accepted your damaged furniture ( I will upload pics of the damages shortly ).

I do not wish for anyone to go through what I went through for my own money.

Once again, I suggest for anyone who is looking to buy furniture not to use Dom Mebeli or any of the ESF stores in Brooklyn.


As Dom Mebeli Furniture management, we confirm that Mrs. Grushko did purchase furniture from our store.

It is also true that this customer has contacted the store regarding "shortage of cabinet for her wardrobe". However, Ms. Grusho forgot to mention the fact that such cabinets were optional and never picked, ordered or paid by Mrs. Grushko.

Twice she tried to manipulate the system providing credit card companies with fraudulent reasons from "delivery of wrong furniture" to "having damage in her mattress", but both times her attempts not to pay for the furniture received were unsuccessful. Calling us "bunch of liars and unprofessionals" after numerous hours spent with her is at least rude and unfair.

In return we can only say that our experience with Mrs. Raya Grushko was also very unpleasant.

And to all of our present and future customers we would like to say:" Thank you, we value and appreciate your business!!!"

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